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  1. Auctioneer Jussi Pylkkänen selling Amedeo Modigliani's "Nu Couché" for $170m in 2015 © AFP

Certificate  of Crystal Glass Beranek 

Each masterpiece is Unique originals and comes with Signed certificate 


Vlastimil Beránek is a member of a glass-making family, who in the 1940s established a glass workshop at a small village named Šrdlovice, Czech Republic. He is high school and university art educated sculptor. He was trained by Stanislav Libenský


Beránek believes that the accidence has to work for the sculpture. He also says, that although Bohemian crystal is the best material for his sculptures, they have to look well in any material.

He tries to freeze movement or express emotion in his sculptures. Proportions, colors and final shapes of the sculptures help this hard task. Most of his inspirations come from the sea. He likes to think about the secrets of the deep ocean and its creatures. Moreover, the ocean is in a constant movement, so it is a perfect environment just for Beránek’s inspiration for his sculptures. Another element, which fascinates him, is fire. Except for glass sculptures Beránek also creates wooden sculptures, "twins" of the glass ones. He has also started to experiment with pieces in cast bronze and sculptures in stainless steel.


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